Education au Développement, aux Droits Humains et à la Solidarité
"La liberté sans la justice est une véritable escroquerie sociale!" (Jacques Chaban-Delmas) - "Le but de la politique c'est de permettre à  chaque Citoyen d'avoir la capacité de réussir sa vie! (Jacques Delors)

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6 Remarkable Places Where You Can Donate Your Clothing By Movers And Packers Mumbai Relocation and Diwali have one thing in common- both give us opportunity to clear our mess which we accumulated in our house from years Diwali comes in a year and relocation when we would like to take change. Anyway so what you do when you find these ?not can be useable by you" goods do you throw them or donate them? I think you do the both, when you get someone which we hardly get who are interested in taking the things we wanna give we give them otherwise we throw them do you know you can't get the one who need this because we are searching on a very little platform I mean there is one or two option, so just think the items which can be use by someone happily can?t get to them because we haven?t transfer them to the path which it should be that?s why guys let?s make this work worthy for someone and donate our clothing?s and accessories to this 13 remarkable places which I am going to tell you through this #Movers and #Packers #Mumbai guide. Professional and Reliable Packers and Movers Mumbai Do you know reducing these extras will reduce your relocation cost and load; you don?t have to pack much so no packing cost no transportation cost and no hassle when rearranging your goods in new home. You can also save some money on your relocation if you hire professional and affordable movers like Packers and Movers in Mumbai, for affordability they estimate your relocation cost after doing the survey of tour home, for flawless work they use latest equipment and high quality material. Packers and Movers Mumbai are counted in top 4 moving companies and hold shifting service experience from years. They carry out every kind of relocation services for local, domestic as well as for international relocation, don?t worry if you have low budget as you can avail any particular service which you need the most, so now feel burden free whenever you are moving to a new city. 1. Zaroorat, By Green Yatra- Green yatra creates a way to convert your old stuffs into a gift for someone. Their organisation collects clothes and other necessary stuffs from residential societies, shopping mall, cinema, school colleges and from corporate houses, after the collection they sort out the things and according to the requirement they repair, sew and then pack your stuffs and distribute them to rural and urban slum areas. 2. Goonj: They have certain criteria which you can do?s and don?ts which you have to keep in mind when you are donating anything as to maintain the dignity of those who don?t have. You can find Goons centre across Mumbai and thane so drop your required box there. Save your household goods when moving out of country with the help of Packers and Movers #Mumbai transit insurance. 3. Sneha Sadan: This is a home for homeless children, regardless of caste and creed, provide shelter to homeless waifs, orphans, delinquent and destitute; it is situated in the Andheri east. To bring smile on the face of this children?s you can also donate some books, toys or anything you want to. 4. Wishing Well: It is good option for donating your old clothes you just have to send mail to their website with a description of the goods you want to donate. If you leave between Jogeshwari and Colaba then their volunteers will come to your home and collect it, they also mail you official receipts rgarding the goods you have donated of which you can avail tax deduction guys. You don?t have to worry for anything if you are hiring Packers and movers Mumbai moving and packing services. 5. Doorstep India: This site does the work of connecting you to the local NGO's near your locality. You just have to go to their website, select the Ngo from the list and schedule a pick-up also note this down you may have to pay INR 199 for pick up fees from your doorstep. 6. Shanti Avedna Cancer Hospice: This centre takes care of terminally ill cancer patients who always need care, support and love at their last stage. They accept cloths, food and medicines, as you know it?s a care centre then the clothes should be comfortable and appropriate. When you are sending your cloths the with so you can some lovely and motivating short notes, poem or anything which can touch their heart. For any help or expert advice feel free and easy to contact Local Packers and Movers Mumbai. Packers And Movers Mumbai @ Source Url :
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4 janvier 2017

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The only limits in your life are those you impose on yourself! Les seules limites dans ta vie sont celles que tu t'imposes!
Personne ne nait avec la haine d'autrui à  cause de la couleur de sa peau,de son origine sociale ni de sa religion. Les gens apprennent à  haïr! Et s'ils peuvent apprendre à  haïr, on peut aussi leur apprendre à  aimer, car l'amour vient tout naturellement dans le coeur humain contrairement à  la haine! Nelson Mandela


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